Do you ever see wrong pictures posted on Facebook from your WordPress blog? Here’s why.

When you post something to Facebook, it will look at the picture in the post and if the picture’s size is too small Facebook will continue searching through other images on the page of the post for the correct size picture. As you can imagine the results can be pretty unexpected.

We had a case where a female picture was shown instead of one of a man. Things can get funny. Facebook will look to pictures starting at 200×200 pixels. That is the minimal size Facebook requires.  If you have something smaller Facebook will keep searching until it finds something it considers the right size.

It’s important to have larger pictures in your post as they will display better and Facebook will not confuse you by posting some random picture you didn’t ask for. You can preview what your post will look like on Facebook before it gets published there. Here’s the  Facebook debug tool. Use it to preview how Facebook will render your post.

Let’s say it already happens and you do have wrong pictures posted on Facebook. What can you do now to fix it. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Remove the post from Facebook.

  2. Change the picture in your WordPress post to a larger one.

  3. Test your new post using the Facebook debug tool.

  4. If all looks good, publish the post to Facebook again.

This will take care of the issue. Let us know if you have any suggestions or comments.