When running a multisite operation of more than 3 WordPress sites everyday tasks can become a burden. The sheer amount of time need to micromanage simple processes can become a huge burden and a significant waste of your valuable time. EZManagedHosting provides its customers with a WordPress site management system that will intelligently simplify site management tasks.

Your working hours will be freed up for more critical tasks, improving your satisfaction and overall efficiency.

Our Top WordPress Site Management Choice

In our search for such a system we ran into MainWP, which is a premier provider of Wordpress site management.

We liked it immediately, especially how easy it was to set up. We have started using it with all our sites and have even created our own custom version. After using it with our partners’ sites we created Advanced Extensions based on our customers’ needs. These extensions are only available through ezmanagedhosting.com.

Here’s a sample screenshot of the dashboard

Wordpress Site Management system

WordPress Site Management system

As you can see there’s a great summary of all sites with options to apply settings to all site. This system works using parent/child model, where the parent site controls all child sites. All child sites require a special plugin to be installed before adding them to the management system.

There’s an option to pick a site and log in to its back-end as administrator. This is not necessary and most plugin manipulations can be performed directly from the parent site. We have developed our custom custom Advanced MainWP extensions which were based on requests from our customers and our own enhancements while working on their projects.

Future Plans

Our plan is to eventually have our own WordPress site management system via a WordPress plugin to manage multiple WordPress sites. We want it to be even simpler than MainWP, more robust and with only needed features.