We have created EZManagedHosting WordPress Plugins to cater the specific needs that we have seen in our Worpress Hosting customers over the years. We are happy to share our wide array of solutions with you but some are exclusively available to our hosting customers or partners. Please check out this page for more information.

Exclusive EZManagedHosting Wordpress Plugins

Secure Lockdown – protects your site from unauthorized modifications.
EZMH Site Cloner – A WordPress plugn that allows to quickly create clones of WordPress installations for live, development and staging purposes.
Super User Exclusive Capabilities – allows to have secondary administrators with limited permissions.
Append/prepend posts – adds any content in the beginning or end of a post. For example a short-code.
Scadamark – mapping system for field weather sensors

Public EZManagedHosting Wordpress Plugins

Authors Page Displays all users of a certain role on one page in a table showing their avatars and usernames and also linking to their detailed information.
Extended Image Info for Nextgen Gallery Displays the name of the picture’s author and the upload date below the picture itself.
Current gallery support for NGG Public Uploader shortcode Adds support for quickly uploading the current gallery via the NGG Public Uploader shortcode, simply by typing “current” for the gallery id.
Image-to-user attribution for Nextgen Gallery Saves the image’s author (uploader) name along with the uploaded image information.
Constant Contact Digest – Allows an administrator to quickly and easily send a digest via Constant Contact service.
Nginx – do not cache these URLs This plugin forces Nginx not to cache the specified URLs. Regular expressions are supported for advanced users.

You can request development of any plugin or ask us any questions from our Contact Us page. All EZManagedHosting WordPress Plugins are of great quality and have been tested in multiple projects.