WordPress blogs are at the core of the WordPress revolution. In this article, Matt Mullenweg talks about how WordPress got the whole world blogging.

WordPress Blogs: How WordPress Got The Whole World Blogging

“Matt Mullenweg is not the typical tech founder. The head of Automattic is just off a flight from the US, in Dublin to speak at an Irish Software Association event.

When I meet him in the lobby of the Shelbourne hotel, it’s a relaxed affair. He arrives without an army of public relations specialists to tend to his needs and watch his every word, just in case he talks about something he’s not supposed to.

He isn’t as instantly recognisable as Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, or Microsoft’s Bill Gates. Looking on, you would never guess that this man heads up a company that is valued at more than $1 billion. He’s just so, well, normal.

Automattic is a web development company, but people might know it better by just one of its products: blogging platform WordPress.com. The company has been more than a decade in business – it celebrated its 10th anniversary last year – and is going from strength to strength, adding WooCommerce, Jetpack and other services to its line-up.”

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