Some time ago released WordPress AMP Support (AMP). AMP is Google’s open project aiming to improve the performance and experience in general for mobile users. When a visitor comes to an AMP-enabled site via a mobile search the post pages will load super fast.

WordPress AMP Support is based on AMP specs

AMP allows dynamic post generation based on the AMP specs. The URL is appended with /amp at the end specifically for the mobile version. The AMP pages are cached in Google’s cloud which speeds up the loading time and offloads the server which the site is running from.

Tests results are pretty impressive and show very good performance gains. The tests run by Pinterest’s engineering team show that the pages load 4 times faster using much less data than standard mobile-optimized pages.

Why is AMP so fast?

There is a set of optimizations used by Google that target mobile page loading.  Here’s the list of what’s included in WordPress AMP Support plugin:

  • Only asynchronous scripts are allowed
  • The CSS is inline and size-bound
  • The font triggering is efficient
  • Style recalculations are minimized
  • All resources are sized statically
  • The extension mechanisms are not allowed to block rendering
  • All third-party JavaScript are kept out of the critical path
  • Only GPU-accelerated animations are run
  • Resource loading is prioritized
  • Pages are loaded in an instant

Take a look at the Google search demo at to experience how fast AMP is.


There are currently a few AMP plugins in development but this one seems to be currently available and working: WordPress AMP plugin.

WordPress AMP Support

If you are interested in experimenting with it, we’ll be happy to set it up for you if you are using one of our Managed WordPress Hosting packages. We offer an easy way to clone your site to development or staging which sets up a perfect environment to experiment with new things.