WordPress 4.4 is finally here and has been well anticipated for a few months. The name Clifford was used to commemorate a jazz musician from the 50s Clifford Brown who died in his 20s in a car accident.  The main feature of WordPress 4.4 that everyone is talking about is REST API.  It allows creative content manipulation from any application or service. A WordPress REST API plugin has been already released that allows access to your site’s date in a easy-to-use fashion.


This is a software style that allows almost in most cases to communicate over HTTP protocol with the software and use the standard HTTP statements like GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, etc. This is useful when there’s a need to get the content from a particular resource and organize it in any desired way. For example themes can be created based on the sole use of the REST API without the standard way using the template engine.

Embeddable WordPress content

You can now embed posts on other WordPress and any other sites. This can be done by pasting the address of the post into the editor and seeing the preview of the embed. It will include the excerpt, title, and featured image. Even your site’s favicon will be included with links for comments and sharing. Additionally there’s support for Reddit Comments, Speaker Deck, Video Press, and Cloudup.

Responsive Images

WordPress 4.4 “Clifford” features a much smarter approach is now taken when displaying images of appropriate size on any device. There’s no need to do anything extra. It just works and displays a perfect fit every time.

New Twenty Sixteen Theme

This new theme is a fresh modernized approach to a popular layout for WordPress. It has a horizontal masthead with an optional sidebar that works well for a regular website as well as a blog site.

Twenty Sixteen

There are some custom color options as well as pretty out-of-the-box color schemes. It works well with mobile and is a valuable visual addition that WordPress 4.4 “Clifford” features

Get your site updated today and start enjoying WordPress 4.4.