We have been working with TripShock for many years and have built a number of very complicated and some simple systems together. We are happy to offer the deals below to all customers coming to us from tripshock.com or recommended to us by TripShock company. Have an older tour website? It’s time to upgrade and connect! Use our Reservation System to sell your tours and trips.

Only available to TripShock Affiliates!

  • Are you looking for a functional site?
  • Is SEO difficult for you?
  • Do you need somebody to manage your site(s)?
  • Do you want your site to be secure?
  • Do you want more relevant traffic?

We are confident you will love it!

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Here are some sample sites:

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We offer two different types of discounts: 20% off on web development/design services and 50% off on management web hosting packages. Use the coupon code below to get a discount on web hosting package. For web development/design we will take additional 20% off just for you when we estimate your project!

Click here to preview a demo of some designs we use.

Campground/RV WebSites and Hosting package:

Use TripShock code to receive 50% discount on managed hosting for your site. These are perfect for blog, forum or informational sites.

Includes managed WordPress hosting for 1 website.
  • 1 Installation
  • Dev site
  • Staging site
  • 35K Visits a month
  • 15 GB storage

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Basic hosting features:

On top of our own unique offerings, we also provide the following industry standard features.

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Optimized Performance

We have tinkered with our servers to ensure that both hardware and software are optimized for running faster sites. 100% Network Uptime!

Proactive Monitoring

All of our sites are monitored 24/7/365 and we strive to take proactive measures that allow us to provide top of the line service and support.

Site Migration

Moving your site or sites from your current provider? We’ll do it for free!

24×7 hosting support

We and our data-center are there for our customers who need web hosting support 24/7.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Out customers are allowed as much traffic as they can generate, and never have to worry about running out of bandwidth!

Weekly Backups

The content of out customer’s sites is protected by weekly incremental backups.

Exclusive Campground/RV Hosting Features:

These are the features, functionality, and services that only we provide at these price points in the managed hosting market. Shop around and we think you will be pleasantly surprised to find that our offerings truly do set us apart from our competitors.

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Isolated Environment

Each account runs in its own allocated space in our system architecture, preventing the common issue of tenants impacting each others performance.

Site Gurus

Our highly-skilled staff have been carefully selected for their years of experience with site development and customer service. We are confident that they can address any issue and answer any question our customers can cook up!

Unrestricted Plugins & Themes

No plugin or theme is off limits! If our customer has a failed installation, we’ll found out where the issue is!

Wildcard SSL

Each site will get a free SSL, active and ready to be used. Some plugins will need to be added for proper operation.

Secure Lockdown

We have developed our own unique security solution that shuts down viruses before they even enter a customer’s site.

CDN Included

Customer site content is strategically served from our caching proxy which drastically improves our sites’ speeds.

DDoS protection

Our security infrastructure features multi-level DDoS protection that can be configured at the proxy as well as at the site level.


Our GeoIP feature allows our customers to block or serve site content based on the country of the visitor. The privacy and security of our clients is one of our highest priorities.

Light-speed Performance

Our clients enjoy light-speed performance thanks to our super efficient web server, PHP, MySQL, and some top secret optimization plugins and caching.

D/W/M Backups

Our advanced backup schedule is strategically designed for optimal client asset protection, with daily, weekly, and monthly backups at both the full and incremental levels.

Advanced Site Migration

With us, site migration also features a fix-up, security update, and optimization!

No Ads

Most providers use more than 30% of available space in hosting control panel to run their ads and affiliate links. We never do such a thing!

Suggest a feature

Tell us what you would like to have as part of your hosting account and we’ll see if we can make it happen.