Protection Against DDoS is top priority for a WordPress site, no matter where it’s hosted.

History of Protection Against DDoS plugin


Sometimes sites get hammered with requests to certain addresses. Normally these are brute-force attacks that look for easy way in. The plugin that we created has been protecting WordPress sites of our clients for a few years very effectively. Because its high efficiency the way it’s installed it became a mandatory rule for all our customers. The plugin can recover a site from being completely inaccessible to back-to-normal in seconds, right after you install it. We’ve tested this on quite a few sites. The name of the plugin is Protection Against DDoS for WordPress grab it while installing other plugins.

We decided to share this plugin out of respect to the WordPress community. You are welcome to use it on any of your free or commercial sites.


How to configure the Protection Against DDoS plugin

The plugin doesn’t have any settings. It starts working right after you install it. It utilizes a very simple idea: when a real user accesses the login page, the plugin sets a validation cookie for this user. After the user submitted the log in form, the plugin checks if the cookie is there and correct. If so, the user is allowed to log in. Otherwise the user gets bounced off. Since malicious bots attack the WordPress login page directly, they don’t get the protection cookie and hence always get bounced off. Moreover validation happens at the server level BEFORE WordPress is even accessed (via .htaccess file) and hence no load is directed to the WordPress at all. The secure cookie is encrypted and unique for every site so the bots can’t falsify it. Simple and effective!


Important notice

Please pay attention to the following information:

  1. This plugin only works on the servers that support .htaccess files. Most Linux servers do.
  2. This plugin protects against DDoS CAUSED by brute-force attacks ONLY. This is the most common cause for an operational WordPress site to be down though. If your site is under attack for other reasons (for example if you got a lot of traffic to one of your posts) this plugin will not help!
  3. We are willing to help you if you have any issues with the plugin. Please use the support forum. We check it regularly.