When working on WordPress sites sometimes there’s a need to create a clone of your live site and do your work on that clone to make sure the live site doesn’t get messed up in any way. After the work has been done the changes should be easily pushed back to the live site. EZMH Site Cloner offers just that.

In a perfect world there should be 3 areas for each site:

Dev (development). This is where the main work is done and things are experimented with. This area is for site developers only and will always contain bugs and should not be expected to work perfectly. An example address might be http://mysite.com/dev

Staging – This area is for showing off your work to the customer. It should contain some bugs but in general will have things working very well. An example address might be http://mysite.com/staging

Live – That’s where the main site is located that the visitors will interact with. It should ideally have all the bugs ironed out. This is your main site. An example address might be http://mysite.com

EZMH Site Cloner plugin for WordPress allows to almost instantly create staging and development environments for your live WordPress site. Make sure your hosting package allows the needed number of databases as each cloned WordPress site will require its own database.

Here’s how to use the EZMH Site Cloner plugin:

Cloning a live WordPress site

Log in to your WordPress site dashboard. Click on Tools and then on EZMH Site Cloner (1). This will open the properties of the plugin. Select your site from the drop down menu (2). Type in the directory name (3). Make sure everything looks correct and click on the Clone button (4).  See the image below for the proper steps.

EZMH Site Cloner - getting started

After a few seconds you will see the Clone created message below.

EZMH Site Cloner - clone created

This means that your current site was successfully cloned to the new location you have specified and you now should be able to access it with the same logins as your current site. Follow the links in that message to either view the newly-cloned site or access the admin dashboard.

Another important area to note is the Current Clones section.

EZMH Site Cloner - current clones

It displays all clones that have been created from the current site. The date and time will be shown as well as the address of the clone.

Cloning back to the live site

To push your changes from a clone back to live, log in to your clone site and follow the regular cloning steps that were outlined above.

EZMH Site Cloner - clone to live

Leave the Directory name blank. As that’s where your live site is installed. Click the Clone button and after a few seconds your changes will be applied to the live site.

To obtain your own copy of EZMH Site Cloner plugin for WordPress sign up for one of our managed WordPress hosting plans.

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