The backbone of is a team of network engineers, entrepreneurs and developers that have successfully completed thousands of web projects. These include website development and design, system architecture and mobile application development. acquired 5 website hosting companies in the past and launched two profitable startups. Our main goal is to focus on growing relationships while building and providing services that businesses and individuals can benefit from at the best cost. Over the past two years, has dedicated a substantial portion of their resources to creating the top infrastructure/environment for WordPress site hosting. The team at is constantly innovating in the WordPress hosting and development space. Coming up with fresh new ideas and services is always a priority for us and is a big part of what feeds our motivation and ambition to succeed. Goals

The team at isn’t merely looking for customers. We want to attract business partners who get involved in efforts such as the identification, functionality, building, testing and launching of new WordPress services. Collaboration on mutually beneficial efforts like the blog and any startup efforts is also part of our plan.

Our Team


Alex Benko

Lead Developer

Tim Vough

  • Social Networks Integration
  • LAMP Stack Expert • WordPress

Senior Developer

Cyril Temnyk

  • Versatile Scientific Analysis
  • PHP • MySQL • JavaScript

Senior Developer

Mac Aldridge

  • Payment APIs • Mobile APIs
  • CI & Custom Frameworks

Systems Engineer

Dmitriy Tkach

  • Elasticsearch • AngularJS
  • iOS • Android • WordPress


George Kelley

We’ve been running hosting businesses for last decade and have learned a lot but more importantly developed architecture that is very stable, easy and scalable. We have applied all these to the service we are offering on this site.
Our experience is not limited to web hosting but also includes extensive web development for startups and some mobile application development.
We enjoy what we do and are confident you will enjoy working with us as well. We’ll make you feel special and part of our team!